Red Alert 3 Replay Tool

Thank you for your interest in this tool :). You might ask yourself what you can do with this tool. I'll explain.

This is a tool that makes saving, watching and managing replays for the Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 game easier and more joyfull. What can you do with it:
  • Autosave your last replay with a filename like shown below.
  • Rename your replays with a clear and usefull file name like shown below.
  • Get the build order and Security point usage of all the players in plain text.
  • Get general information of a replay file, like the players, their armies, the map, game length etc.
  • Jump to the players statistics on the EA site with a single click
  • Be able to quickly report your clanwars on
  • And more...
The first two posibilities save the replay with a clear name. This can look like:

[14-09-08 @ 16.51] []Netput(S) vs Wmm (R-S).RA3Replay

This means that I (Wmm) played as random (and got Soviets) vs []Netput as Soviets on September 14th 2008 at 16:51. There are also other options, you can for example include the length of the game, the map that was used etcetera.

Take a look at the screenshots (see the menu on the left) to see how it looks like. I hope you have fun with this tool :).

You need .NET 2.0 installed to be able to run this program. You can download .NET 2.0 here for 32 bit versions of Windows and here for 64 bit versions. If you're running Windows Vista you don't have to worry about this.

Please note .NET doesn't slow down your pc at all. Once installed you'll never notice anything about it again.